Artwork + Posters for The Moonsets, April 2018  


The Astronauts have launched. Formerly The Sexiclesiastes, 2018 sees evolution taking shape in this 1st eponymos 6 track ep. “Celeste” CD Cover design // Painting // Poster // Drawing “Spacetopus” Gig Poster “In The Garden Of Your Soul” rework // Album Cover draft // 1st round of gig posters Logotype… Astronaut Launch Party – CROW…


Artwork for forthcoming Album “A Field Guide To Local Wildlife Noises”


The things I do for Solbar… Solbar is The Sunshine Coast’s only dedicated live music venue which is why I am proud to be on it’s design team. Contributing Print, Screen and Web design since 2011. EASTER 2017 PR + Email campaigns Check em out here… PRINT SCREEN


In January 2018 I travelled to Townsville North QLD for 2 weeks and helped produce (read: herded the cats) what would become Astronaut Launch Party’s 1st eponymous EP and Album (“A field guide to local wildlife noises” – working title). Drawing on a musical relationship with John Goodson and Gav Rossetti that stretches over 20…

STOP COLTON COAL MINE • A Community Action Day

This is for my local mob… We really don’t want coal mines on the Sunshine + Cooloola Coasts.  Vast tracts of our land are currently under exploration licences and New Hope Corporation’s Colton Mine of course has governments putting their own agenda ahead of the people and environment.  Again. Australian governments lurve those miners!!  They…


The 1st round of artwork for The Moonsets (formerly The Flumes). The Moonsets (formerly The Flumes) conjure up a lushly funky, dark and sparkling, intoxicating brew. Electric Harp pours out psychedelic melodies over stylin’ rhythms laced with soulful vocals. Splashing out a luscious live sound, The Moonsets transcend genres leaving you spellbound in their wake.


NEED PRINTS? DOWNLOAD A PDF OF THIS… A response to the ridiculous situation happening in Australia. The blind really do lead the stupid as our shit-scared tail chasing politicians inevitably bow to their gloating corporate masters.

B Music

Logo Design Established in 2017, B Music is a new music agency on the Sunshine Coast QLD with a small but growing stable of quality local artists. Round 1 drafts