STOP COLTON COAL MINE • A Community Action Day

This is for my local mob…

We really don’t want coal mines on the Sunshine + Cooloola Coasts.  Vast tracts of our land are currently under exploration licences and New Hope Corporation’s Colton Mine of course has governments putting their own agenda ahead of the people and environment.  Again.

Australian governments lurve those miners!!  They pay for so much nice stuff round election time.

Well…We take our biosphere extremely seriously here, so sorry suits, there will not be a mine…just like there was not a dam at Traveston.  Remember that?

We the people of the Cooloola + Sunshine Coast reject New Hope Corporation’s plan to mine coal 20kms west of the Great Sandy Strait.

We deplore the QLD + AUS Government’s acquiescence to the mining industry’s reckless expansion in the name of short term capital gain.

The Mary River is ours from Conondale to River Heads and we will not have them pour industrial filth into her on any stretch let alone so close to this crucial biosphere.

We’ll be gathering in Noosaville Lions Park 12-5pm Sunday 26 November so we can all say no together. It’s a community action day. It’s Free To The People. Everyone’s welcome