STOP COLTON COAL MINE • A Community Action Day

This is for my local mob… We really don’t want coal mines on the Sunshine + Cooloola Coasts.  Vast tracts of our land are currently under exploration licences and New Hope Corporation’s Colton Mine of course has governments putting their own agenda ahead of the people and environment.  Again. Australian governments lurve those miners!!  They…


NEED PRINTS? DOWNLOAD A PDF OF THIS… A response to the ridiculous situation happening in Australia. The blind really do lead the stupid as our shit-scared tail chasing politicians inevitably bow to their gloating corporate masters.

B Music

Logo Design Established in 2017, B Music is a new music agency on the Sunshine Coast QLD with a small but growing stable of quality local artists. Round 1 drafts

The Flumes “Sweet, Sweet Rain” Cover

The Flumes – Sweet Sweet Rain Review from Little Boom, Tuesday, 5 August 2014 By Lloyd Thompson “Before hearing the latest album by The Flumes – Sweet, Sweet Rain, I would have considered the harp to be a niche instrument. This album changes everything. The Flumes have with them an impressive release, this album flows,…

the start of it all

A couple of illustrations from a 1994 publication I was in – Wildflowers of the Noosa Cooloola Area. So much has changed in the technical side of publishing since then. I remember the Author constantly fussing over the quality of bromides! Gimme InDesign any Ol’ day. Of 70 odd drawings, these are some particular faves:…