Dan Horne • From The Roots

CD Cover artwork, design and layout for Sunshine Coast Artist Dan Horne’s 2017 album “From The Roots”. Advertisements


NEED PRINTS? DOWNLOAD A PDF OF THIS… A response to the ridiculous situation happening in Australia. The blind really do lead the stupid as our shit-scared tail chasing politicians inevitably bow to their gloating corporate masters.

B Music

Logo Design Established in 2017, B Music is a new music agency on the Sunshine Coast QLD with a small but growing stable of quality local artists. Round 1 drafts

The Flumes “Sweet, Sweet Rain” Cover

The Flumes – Sweet Sweet Rain Review from Little Boom, Tuesday, 5 August 2014 By Lloyd Thompson “Before hearing the latest album by The Flumes – Sweet, Sweet Rain, I would have considered the harp to be a niche instrument. This album changes everything. The Flumes have with them an impressive release, this album flows,…

the start of it all

A couple of illustrations from a 1994 publication I was in – Wildflowers of the Noosa Cooloola Area. So much has changed in the technical side of publishing since then. I remember the Author constantly fussing over the quality of bromides! Gimme InDesign any Ol’ day. Of 70 odd drawings, these are some particular faves:…

With a twist

“With a Twist” Vector remix from A1 Acrylic on paper – 01-08-12